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Hannes Calligraphy

I have been fascinated by calligraphy ever since I arrived in Asia. In 1986 I had the opportunity to be introduced to Prof. Yu Qi Long in Beijing, who is one of the greatest living calligraphers.

Prof. Yu agreed to tutor me in the art of calligraphy and I am very honoured to be one of his students to this day. Calligraphies are normally written on rice paper, but also other materials can be used such as glass plates or porcellain..

A good friend of mine was impressed by my art and suggested that I should share my calligraphies not only with close friends but also with other people, who are interested in calligraphy.

I would like to give a small impression of my art on this web site.

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Shuang Xi - double Happiness


Jiu feng zhi ji qian bei shao

100 days peace

Wan shi ru yi

Shou - Fu

Zhi zhe cheng

Chun - Spring in Kai Shu




Shu - Rat in Kai Shu

Ji - Rooster

She - Snake

Zhu - Pig

Fou Xin - Buddha's heart

Good friends - in Kai Shu

Good friends - written in cusiv




Yen jiao bu ru shen jiao

Double Happiness

Double Happiness