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Hannes Calligraphy

Calligraphies don’t necessarily have to be written on paper, there are also some more creative alternatives.

Like decorative mugs and espresso cups made from high-quality fine bone china. My calligraphies are transferred onto the china; the colours used are non-toxic and safe.

The white spaces in the calligraphies aren’t mistakes, they are deliberate, and they are called Fei Bai, which translated means “flying white”. Getting this right is the difficulty and very special aspect of calligraphy.

The china is not only available with the symbols of good luck, but is also available with the symbols of the Chinese zodiac. 

The front of the mug has the relevant zodiac sign, the back has the symbol for long life and the lid has the good luck symbol on it. 

Mug - LongevityFu -LuckShou - Longevity

The mugs are available in following options:

Mug - LoveAi - Love
Mug - Double HappinessShuang Xi - Double Happiness

front      Double Happiness

Love                   back

Lid - Harmony

Mug - LongevityShou - Longevity
Mug - LuckFu - Luck

front                    Luck

Longevity                    back

The espresso cups are available in various options and two of any kind can be chosen to be put in a gift box.

Espresso- cups Luck - LongevityShou - LongevityFu - Luck





Espresso-cups Love - HarmonyAi - LoveHe - Harmony





The symbol on the front is on the back of the other relevant cup.

10.000 good wishesWanShiRuYi


plate with 10000 good wishes

12 cm X 12 cm