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Hannes Calligraphy

Hu - Tiger on rice paper

Calligraphies do not necessarily have to be on paper; instead they can be used in a more creative way and can be transferred onto glass plates.

My calligraphies are copied onto a foil, which is attached to a glass plate, then cut out and the glass sandblasted. The calligraphy is placed on the bottom half of the plate. The result is a very decorative glass plate, which can be used in many different ways; for example as place mats, plates for cakes, cheeses platters or simply as a decorative item. Your imagination is the limit.

Tiger with foil
Glassplate with Tiger
Glass plates as Place mats

place mats

 in a partition wall

Glass plate as Place mats
dividing wall

The glass plates are not only available with the usual Chinese “Good Luck” signs, but also with the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Recently more sculptured glass-plates are added.

Wan shi ru yi

Fo Xin - Buddha's Heart

Kang - Health

Shuang Xi - double Happiness

Shuang Xi - Doppeltes Glück

Shuang Xi - Double Happiness

Ai - Love

Ai - Love

Fu - Luck

He - Harmony

Le - Joy

Kang - Health

Fa - wealth

Shou - Longevity

Qi - Energy

Yun - Success

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The square plates are 31 by 31 cm