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Hannes Calligraphy

Dragon - Long

Calligraphy on Rice Paper
Mug - Dragon Glass plate - Dragon

The Dragon is the fifth symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for “Luck”. The Dragon has positive attributes such as being energetic, successful, independent, intuitive, but the Dragon also has negative attributes such as being stubborn, unyielding, and restless.

The Dragon is a very reliable creature but sometimes even a Dragon is unpredictable. They are also egocentric and under certain circumstances they act without any common sense or logic.

But they are fortunate individuals and no matter what mishap occurs; they always land like a cat on their feet and walk away smiling. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their optimism can brighten up the gloomiest day. If things get really rough, Dragons risk a lot to help people in trouble.

As friends and partners:

Dragons are magnetic personalities; they are never short of friends despite the fact that they are perfectly capable of relying on themselves. Dragons can easily forgive small failings, but they can not forgive treachery or disloyalty from friends and partners because of their loyal and true nature.

To win a dragons heart the partner must be intelligent, witty and amusing.