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Hannes Calligraphy

Horse - Ma

Glass-plate Horse
Mug - Horse
Calligraphy on Rice Paper

The horse is the seventh symbol of the Chinese Zodiac and stands for “Passion.” The horse has positive characteristics such as being sensual, open, and always being cheerful. It has also got negative traits, such as being unstable, impatient, insubordinate and vain

A horse is always bursting with energy and is constantly in motion. It needs its freedom and independence much like it needs air to breathe. If a horse feels too controlled by other, it’ll quickly seek distance. It is difficult to ruin a horse’s good mood, but nevertheless they aren’t very flexible beings. A horse decides on its own how it wishes to live and doesn’t get involved in discussion. However, it does accept sensible suggestions.

As partners and friends:

The horse’s tendency to be in a good mood and laidback attitude means that it is always popular in a circle of friends and always finds a connection. Although horses can sometimes be very moody, they are nevertheless loyal to their friends and family. In affairs of the heart horses are often blind and are inclined to throw all caution to the wind. They fall in love quickly often merely to seek comfort.