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Pig -Zhu

Calligraphy on Rice Paper Tea Mug Pig Glass Plate Pig

The pig is the twelfth symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for “Family”. The pig has positive characteristics such as being intelligent, easy to deal with, profound and sensitive, but also has negative traits such as being naïve, insecure, pleasure-seeking and often a bit rude.

Pigs are the most agreeable creatures in the world. They are helpful, always cheerful and will always offer a helping hand to people who are unwell. As they are by nature honest, pigs are simply incapable of telling lies. The pig will sometimes as a result – and more of often than wanted - put his foot in it, as he or she will be unable to hide his opinion. However pigs will also expect this sort of honesty from other people. Pigs should beware that some people take advantage of their trusting nature. However, don’t underestimate a pig, because even the most good-natured pig can turn into a wild raving boar. 

As partners and friends: Pigs with their friendly and undemanding nature have hardly any enemies and will make new friends throughout their lives. However, having a small and close circle of friends is most important to the pig; this circle of friends will also be able to savour the excellent cooking skills that most pigs possess! Pigs are warm and loving, affectionate and tender. They are perfect for marriage and will find in this union their sensual fulfilment.