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Hannes Calligraphy

Rabbit - Tu

Mug - Rabbit
Calligraphy on Rice Paper
Glass Plate Rabbit

The Rabbit is the fourth symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for “Peace”. The Rabbit has positive attributes such as being discreet, ambitious, talented, sociable, diplomatic, prudent, but the Rabbit also has negative attributes such as being craven, and pedantically.

The Rabbit is among all other Zodiac signs the least aggressive ones. They like to live a peaceful life and tend to avoid any difficult situations because they abhor violence and quarrels. People born in the year of the Rabbit are wise and cultivated and blessed with creative talents. These people are stylish and have an eye for beauty and the capacity for appreciating art.

As friends and partners:

Rabbits are the best friends someone can imagine; they care about others without being possessive. Their soft, romantic and nostalgic heart is hidden by aloofness.

As Partners Rabbits are sensual and considerate. Their motherly instinct is ever present and so a rabbit is easily carried away by its emotions and turn into smothering and possessiveness as far as its loved ones are concerned.