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Shu - Rat

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Shu - Ratte02

The Rat is the first symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for “Charm”.

The Rat has positive attributes such as being sociable, charming, humorous, intelligent, generous, but the Rat also has negative attributes, for example it can be boring, power-hungry and restless.

A rat is easily upset by even the smallest details. This shows its impatience and the lack of endurance. Despite these attitudes a rat will never lose the focus of its aim in life. The Rat easily gets it’s way but never by force as the rat is too perceptive and smart for that. The rat’s cleverness and intuition also pays off in financial matters.

A Rat will never let a challenge pass by because its strongly developed sense of adventure

People born under the sign of the Rat demand a lot from their fellow human beings but they also make heavy demands on themselves.

As friends and partners:

Undeniably charming, the rats are popular and everybody’s friend. Generally cheerful and sociable, they always have an interesting tale to tell. Fiercely loyal, Rats are ardent lovers and generous to those they hold dear.