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Hannes Calligraphy

Rooster - Ji

Calligraphy on Rice Paper Glass Plate Rooster

The Roosters is the tenth symbol in the Chinese zodiac and stands for “honesty”. Roosters have positive characteristics, such as being generous, lively, open, and industrious, but they also have negative traits such as being pedantic a tendency to be a show off and always wanting to be right.

Roosters have a huge talent for organizing and planning. As they are very persistent and headstrong, Roosters are hard to knock back. Roosters will also only respect those people who meet their high standards and give in to their uncompromising views and ways. Due to the Rooster’s open and honest way, it sees neither any need for stroking people’s egos nor do they feel the need to give excessive consideration to sensitive people. Roosters say things as they are and leave the hard truth to be accepted by others or not as it may be. Roosters have a tendency to brag, however they are also elegant and colourful characters. Their wit and humour makes them capable of holding conversations in any social circle as well as gives them gift of being able to make unprepared speeches.

As friends and partners:

Roosters have no time for shirkers and those that are second best. Friends and partners who wish to share their life with a Rooster must develop a thick skin or learn to accept that the Rooster – despite its tactless and crude ways – means well. As friends Roosters are generous and sincere. As partners they are affectionate, faithful and sincere for their entire life.