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Hannes Calligraphy

Sheep - Yang

Calligraphy on Rice Paper
Mug Sheep Glass-plate Sheep

The Sheep is the 8th symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for „Art“. It has positive characteristics, such as being friendly, creative, sensual, full of ideas and always putting others before themselves. The Sheep however also has negative traits, such as being incapable of being independent and often being uncertain.

The Sheep is full of warmth in its heart and has an unwavering belief in the good of people. This makes the Sheep seem very likeable to others but often naive. It isn’t in the Sheep’s nature to protest or rebel. Sheep are never aggressive and prefer to avoid any kind of differing opinion as it would rather a peaceful and quiet life. If the Sheep doesn’t need to worry about money, its best qualities, its creativity and imagination will develop.

As Partners and Friends:

Most Sheep have a very large circle of friends, however, merely a small number of true friends. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Sheep only talks about personal and intimate things to those it knows it can trust. Sheep don’t easily trust people, for fear of getting hurt or disappointed. Those fellow beings which gain the Sheep’s trust will remain its friend for life. Sheep make ideal husband and wives and are very family-oriented. They love to be part of a close-knit family unit, ideally as part of an extended big family.