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Hannes Calligraphy

Snake - She

Glass - plate Snake
Calligraphy on Rice Paper Mug - Snake

The Snake is the sixth symbol in the Chinese zodiac and stands for "intelligence". It has positive characteristics such as being wise, cultivated, attractive, elegant, calm and decided, but has negative traits such as being slow, moody and tight with money.

Snakes are cunning and always have their feelings in check, making it difficult to work out what is going on in their heads. The Snake needs financial security, and are able to work at gaining this stability themselves. Snakes like to take liberties, but gladly will control her fellow men.

As friends and partners:

Snakes can be great friends, however also very powerful enemies. If one betrays or deceives a Snake, the Snake will cunningly wait with patience until it is her turn to get back at their opponent more effectively. However, one thing is dead certain; the Snake will always fight back. Snakes are very choosy in their search for a partner, but their search is undertaken with much care and an eye for detail. Once the Snake has decided on a partner, it can be very possessive and jealous. Snakes are sensuous and passionate partners.