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Hannes Calligraphy

Tiger - Hu

Calligraphy on Rice Paper
Glass Plate Tiger

The Tiger is the third symbol of the Chinese zodiac and stands for “Courage”. The Tiger has positive attributes such as being fascinating, generous, passionate, sensitive, but the Tiger is also known for its negative attributes such as being vain, hasty and obstinate.

People born in the year of the Tiger are exceptional creatures. They are not only gifted with an attractive appearance, they are also intelligent and witty. As they are very popular, their volatile nature is easily forgiven. Assertive and courageous, Tigers will never let a challenge pass by. Where others would look away, a Tiger will defeat the weak and people in need. A Tiger is always open and honest.

As friends and partners:

Tigers will always make friends and admirers their whole life long. As lovers the Tiger is very passionate and romantic. They have a tremendous personal magnetism due to their sense of excitement with even a hint of danger. Members of the opposite sex find this charisma irresistible. Tigers tend to be very happy in a close and loving relationship, but the partners should never forget, that living with a tiger means also having to turn a blind eye to odd peccadillo here and there.